I am a Ontario-based artist and craftsperson with a background in photography.

I am attracted to the material and tactile nature of cloth as well as its ability to be activated by the human body, whether it be through movement, use, or as a visual signifier or metaphor. I am interested and inspired by things for both short and long periods of time – if I had to distill it, you might say that history, the everyday, and practices of repair and regeneration are important to my work.

My cloth is meant to be used: stained, dirtied, washed again and again, it becomes an integral part of how we experience and interact with the everyday, and in how we think of ourselves. Industrial textile production has lead us away from a connection with our material past, and my work is a reflection of my desire to reconnect and explore the relationships we have with the handmade.

Custom work is always available – please enquire for details.

amandarataj [at] gmail.com