I am attracted to the material and tactile nature of cloth as well as its ability to be activated by the human body, whether it be through movement, use, or as a visual signifier or metaphor. I most often make or reinterpret simple, everyday textiles like tea towels, rugs, blankets and scarves; my work aims to be both art and craft, utility and practicality.

My cloth is meant to be used: stained, dirtied, washed again and again, it becomes an integral part of how we experience and interact with the everyday, and in how we think of ourselves.

Amanda Rataj is an artist and weaver living and working in Hamilton, Ontario. She studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design University and, since graduating in 2010, has developed her contemporary craft practice through independent research, artist residencies, professional exhibitions, and lectures.

Recent exhibitions include Crosscurrents: Canada In the Making (The Textile Museum of Canada, 2018-2019), Nothing is Newer Than Tradition (Art Gallery of Burlington, 2017), and Living Well (Craft Ontario, 2017).

Selected recent residencies and professional experiences include:

I am a professional member of Craft Ontario.

Please be in touch for information about private classes, workshops, and custom work.

amandarataj [at] gmail.com

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council and the Chalmers Professional Development Projects Program for their support of my ongoing learning.