Icelandic Wool and cotton/linen blanket
37″ x 66″

Veður is a set of blankets made from Icelandic wool and cotton/linen that reflects the patterning traditions of Icelandic wool sweaters and was created as an Artist in Residence at Textílsetur Íslands/The Icelandic Textile Centre in Blönduós, Iceland in May 2015. Weather is an important part of the Icelandic landscape, and warm, protective garments made out of the native sheep’s wool were (and are) key parts of personal, social, and economic life on the island. While the ‘traditional’ Icelandic sweater dates back only a handful of decades, the patterns and motifs on them have become iconic cultural symbols. Motifs and symbols familiar to both sweaters and weather map notations fill the surface of these two blankets, and the colour choices reflect the (still wintery) Icelandic spring landscape.