Cross Cloth – Seconds


A square cloth for everyday use in a thick organic cotton and linen yarn.

  • Blend of organic cotton and linen (unless noted)
  • See notes on sizing
  • Machine wash, air dry, press while damp

*Just like my regular sized cross cloths, all of the below is true – except for the size. These cloths are seconds only because they are not square – there is nothing ‘wrong’ with them except that I don’t feel like I should sell them at full price. Please see the notes below for the exact size of each of these textiles.*

This handwoven towel makes an excellent wash cloth, napkin, kitchen towel, table runner and more. I’ve handwoven them in my studio in a technique called ‘crackle’ (or ‘Jämtlandsväv’ in Swedish) which gives these towels a dark and light side – the cross will appear coloured on one side and natural on the other. They are extra thick and absorbent – with care (and even without!) it should last you a lifetime.

These cross cloths are all different sizes (measured w x l) – please see numbered image for a visual reference and make sure you select the option you would like:

  1. White (linen), ca 14.5×12.75″ / 37x32cm
  2. White (mystery textured fibre), 14.25×12.75″ / 36.5×32.5cm
  3. Brick, 13.5×12″ / 34.5x31cm
  4. Brick, 14×10.25″/ 35.5x26cm
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1. White, 2. White, 3. Brick, 4. Brick