Untitled (Rug)

29.75″ x 35.5″
Linen, wool

Exhibitions: Craft ’19, Craft Ontario Gallery, September 5-October 12, 2019

When I moved to a new city in 2018, I found the process more disorienting than expected; the change in living and working spaces, the new neighbourhood, grocery stores, bus routes. As I navigated this new town, I thought of the many ways in which we locate ourselves and what truly makes a house a home. 

In my work I often make textiles that are home based, and one of the defining textiles for the home are rugs. As valuable domestic objects, rugs are often imbued with symbols and shapes that hold deep cultural meaning; whether it’s a hearth rug or welcome mat, a rug also tells a personal story. As a weaver, they also represent a significant investment in time and resources – something that is, like a home, built up very slowly and made with care. 

Like many woven textiles, a rug can be broken down into a grid; so can a map, and pictured across the surface of Untitled (Rug) are the maps of the last three neighbourhoods I’ve lived in. To be truly home, one must do more than just locate themselves on a map, and craft objects – especially textiles – are one of the ways in which we find ourselves home.