Textile Design

I design patterns for the home weaver using a rigid heddle or 4 harness loom. My patterns are more than just a draft and materials list – they offer contextual and experience-based tips and information to ensure that your project is fun and successful. Like knitting pattern designers, I charge a small fee for my pattern that reflects the work and care I’ve put into designing and producing the PDF – this helps support my studio and weaving practice.

To see my patterns, please visit my online shop!

I’ve also been grateful to work with GIST Yarn & Fiber to develop free weaving patterns for their website, including the Tidal Towels and an upcoming project in April 2020.

To download your free pattern, please visit the GIST website here.


Untitled (Rug) (2019)
Two Sides of the Same Coin (2017)
Untitled (2016)
Barbara’s Socks (2013)