Textile Design

The Dash Tea Towel weaving patterns
Two Tidal Towels - a free weaving pattern from GIST Yarn and Fiber
Soft baby blanket weaving patterns appearing in VAVMAGASINET 3/2020

I design patterns for the home weaver using a rigid heddle or 4 harness loom. My weaving patterns are more than just a draft and materials list – they offer contextual and experience-based tips and information to ensure that your project is fun and successful. All patterns are generously illustrated with clear text and step by step instructions.

To purchase my patterns, please visit my online shop!

I’ve also designed two free weaving patterns with GIST Yarn & Fiber: the 4 harness Tidal Towels, and the Squarish Rug for rigid heddle weavers. Both patterns use GIST’s unique in-house yarn and are available for free on their website.

I also write a how-to series for the GIST blog that covers common weaving questions like how to resize weaving patterns and tips for keeping weaving records. New articles appear monthly – please let us know if you have any burning weaving questions that we can answer!

The Soft Baby Blanket appears in VĂ„VMAGASINET issue 3/2020. This 4 shaft weaving project uses undyed wool from Linc Farm in the Upper Canada Fibreshed. The full pattern details and a short statement on the farm, fibreshed, and blanket are available in the magazine as a single issue or a subscription (I highly recommend the latter!)


I regularly exhibit my handwoven work in museums, galleries, and have presented at conferences and festivals. An artist statement, materials, and size details are available on individual pages for each artwork – please click on the image to view it. If you’re a curator, organizer, or gallery, please get in touch via email if you’d like further details about any of my work or a copy of my full CV.

Handwoven rug, map rug
Untitled (Rug) (2019)
Two Sides of the Same Coin (2017) handwoven artwork
Two Sides of the Same Coin (2017)
overshot handwoven tea towel
Untitled (2016)
visible mending handmade socks
Barbara’s Socks (2013)