Railroad Runner & Napkin – PDF Weaving Pattern


Railroad Runner & Napkin

I developed Railroad runner pattern after inheriting an old towel from my Omi’s kitchen, designing a runner and napkin set to compliment its bold floats and intriguing all-over pattern. This set can be made with either a dark or light warp, and the instructions include suggestions for modifying length and width, allowing beginner weavers to easily add or subtract width, length, or the number of napkins as needed.

Read below for full project details. 


This pattern is more than just plain instruction – personal experience and pro tips and tricks are included to help you achieve great results!

  • Minimum Equipment: 4 harness loom with a minimum of 19” weaving width. 2 or more shuttles
  • Warp and weft requirements: Maurice Brassard 2/16 Cottolin, 60% organic cotton, 40% linen (227g tube = 3360 yds) in C100 Naturel and C1425 Marine. Maurice Brassard 2/8 Cottolin, 60% organic cotton, 40% linen (227g tube = 1680 yds) in colour C100 Naturel or C1425.

This project is geared to the beginner/novice weaver who is comfortable warping and weaving but would like to follow a pattern and learn more about creating their own unique textile designs on the loom. This PDF download is 5 pages long and includes 5 colour images outlining the process, ideas for making it your own, tips on using this yarn, as well as the instructions/treadling draft.

Please note that you are not purchasing a finished runner but a pattern to design and make your own!

As professional artist and handweaver, my goal is to develop weaving patterns that engage people in their own creativity and increase their skills and confidence through simple projects. Making beautiful woven textiles does not have to be challenging!

This pattern is for personal, non commercial use only.