2-4-6-12 Scarf – PDF Pattern


2-4-6-12 Scarf

A plaid scarf is a year-round classic and the perfect project for increasing your skills at your rigid heddle loom. This project uses only two colours and follows a simple numerical pattern to create your very own plaid. This pattern is more than just plain instruction – personal experience and pro tips and tricks are included to help you achieve great results!

  • Minimum Equipment: Rigid Heddle or 2 harness loom with a minimum of 12” weaving width. 2 shuttles
  • Sett/Rigid Heddle Size: 15epi
  • Warp and weft requirements: Warp and weft are Julie Asselin Nurtured Fine (single ply, 100% wool), one cone each of colourways Fonte and Honey. Cones are 780yd (708m), 112g/4oz.

This project is geared to the beginner/novice rigid heddle weaver who is comfortable warping and weaving in a single colour, but would like to challenge themselves by using two colours, thinner yarn, and following a pattern. This PDF download is 6 pages long and includes 3 colours images outlining the process. There are also instructions on how to substitute yarns of different gauges/thicknesses, a primer on how to read weaving drafts, and a glossary of weaving terms.

Please note that you are not purchasing a finished scarf but a pattern to design and make your own!

As professional artist and handweaver, my goal is to develop weaving patterns that engage people in their own creativity and increase their skills and confidence through simple projects. Making beautiful woven textiles does NOT have to be challenging!