Bouquet Kitchen Towels – PDF Pattern


Bouquet Kitchen Towels

This is a FREE weaving pattern for 4 harness weavers. 

I first made these towels as a wedding gift for a friend and then exhibited them in 2016 in an exhibition called Living Well. I’m making this pattern free to inspire weavers and help drive business to my favourite weaving businesses. They can be made in many different colours to match your kitchen (or a friend’s) – please consider purchasing your yarn in Canada from Maurice Brassard & Fils and in the USA from GIST Yarn and Fiber.

  • Structure: Floatwork (also called overshot)
  • Equipment: 4 harness loom with a minimum of 22” weaving width, 10 dent reed, 2 shuttles
  • Warp and weft requirements: Maurice Brassard 2/8 Cotton (227g tube = 1530/1680yds). 2 tubes C100 Naturel, 1 tube Charcoal. Optional: 1 tube 5166 Scarlet.
  • Finished dimensions (washed and hemmed): 18” x 23”

This project is geared to the beginner/novice weaver who is comfortable warping and weaving and would like to try a two shuttle weave. This PDF download is 4 pages long and includes 3 colour images outlining the process as well as ideas for making them your own.

Please note that you are not purchasing a finished tea towel but a pattern to design and make your own!