Dash Tea Towels – PDF Weaving Pattern


Dash Tea Towels

When I was learning how to weave I made a LOT of tea towels – they’re the perfect project to advance your weaving skills and learn more about how texture, pattern, and colour interact. The Dash Tea Towel PDF weaving pattern is a simple project designed to let you play with these elements: threaded for a twill but woven in a plain weave, this project offers three different classic checked tea towels woven on the same warp – and plenty of ideas for designing your own.

Read below for full project details. 


If you like the Dash Tea Towels PDF weaving pattern, why not try weaving the Bouquet Kitchen Towels or make the Studio Curtains? Materials for the Dash Tea Towels are available from Maurice Brassard & Fils.

This pattern is more than just plain instruction – personal experience and pro tips and tricks are included to help you achieve great results!

  • Minimum Equipment: 4 harness loom with a minimum of 24” weaving width, 12 dent reed, 1 shuttle
  • Warp and weft requirements: Maurice Brassard 2/8 Cottolin, 60% organic cotton, 40% linen (227g tube = 1680 yds). 2 tubes in colour C100 Naturel, 1 tube each in colours C1425 Marine, C112 Slate, and C1316 Rouille. Optional: Maurice Brassard 2/16 Cottolin in C100 Naturel

This project is geared to the beginner/novice weaver who is comfortable warping and weaving in multiple colours but would like to follow a pattern and learn more about creating their own unique textile designs on the loom. This PDF download is 11 pages long and includes 9 colour images outlining the process as well as the instructions/treadling drafts for 3 distinct tea towels created on one warp.

Please note that you are not purchasing a finished tea towel but a pattern to design and make your own!