Felted Mittens – PDF Weaving Pattern


Felted Mittens

Mittens are a must here in Canada for keeping warm on chilly winter days. 100% wool mittens are the best kind, in my opinion, but they’re hard to find if you can’t knit yourself a pair — so weave some! Felted mittens are ideal for winter because they’re extra insulating and provide great protection from the wind.

This easy weaving project creates two different wool fabrics using the colour and weave technique. By alternating dark and light threads in the warp and weft, surprising and fun patterns can be made on otherwise plain threadings. This pattern includes instructions for both rigid heddle and 4 harness weavers: the yellow mittens are suitable for rigid heddle, while the red mittens are designed for 4 harness looms.

Briggs and Little is a Canadian wool producer that’s been in business since 1916 – Sport is their single ply, 100% wool yarn, and it felts together to create toasty warm mittens. Sport comes in 46 different colours, so there are almost endless combinations to try.

Read below for full project details. 


This felted mittens pattern is more than just plain instruction – personal experience and pro tips and tricks are included to help you achieve great results! This pattern has instructions for making fabric to sew felted mittens using both rigid heddle and 4 shaft looms, as well as extensive notes on sampling, shrinkage, and a page on sewing the mittens, including links to free and paid patterns (this project does not include a mitten pattern).

  • Minimum Equipment: Rigid heddle OR 4 harness loom with minimum 20″ of width, 12 dent reed, 2 shuttles
  • Warp and weft requirements: Briggs & Little Sport in Gold, Natural White, and Medium Grey (2s) or Red Heather and Natural White (4s)
  • Additional material/equipment needed: Sewing thread (for hand or machine, colour variable), mitten pattern (links to free and paid patterns are included in the instructions)

This project is geared to the beginner/novice weaver who is comfortable warping and weaving but would like to follow a pattern and learn more about creating their own unique textile designs on the loom. This PDF download is 7 pages long and includes 5 colour images outlining the process, detailed instructions, plenty of tips on modifying and adjusting the pattern, as well as the instructions/treadling draft for a 2 shaft and 4 shaft project. If you enjoy weaving this pattern, you might enjoy making the Soap Bag or Linen Bread Bag projects too.

Please note that you are not purchasing a finished finished set of mittens but a pattern to design and make your own.

As professional artist and handweaver, my goal is to develop weaving patterns that engage people in their own creativity and increase their skills and confidence through simple projects. Making beautiful woven textiles does not have to be challenging!

This pattern is for personal, non commercial use only.

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