Spring Crocus Scarf – PDF Weaving Pattern


By the time March hits, I’m eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of spring in Southern Ontario. While I still have a little longer to wait, one of my favourite signs are spring crocuses — the small burst of purple and blue usually follow the snowdrops in announcing spring’s arrival.

The Spring Crocus Scarf borrows colour from this returning life, combining areas of straight twill with more open, lacy sections. This spring weather scarf is thin and good for tucking under or over coats — perfect for those in-between days when it’s not warm yet warm enough to go without one. While there are a lot of colour changes, the simple threading and treadling make this an easy project, and its narrow width is suitable for table or floor looms. After months of bulky winter gear, this lightweight scarf is a pleasure to weave and wear.

(Materials kits available here!)

Read below for full project details.



A lightweight wool scarf comes in handy for much of the year. The Spring Crocus Scarf pattern is more than just plain instruction – personal experience and pro tips and tricks are included to help you achieve great results!

  • Minimum Equipment: 4 harness loom with a minimum of 15” weaving width, 15 or 10 dent reed, 1 shuttle
  • Warp and weft requirements: 2 skeins of BC Garn Bio Shetland in colour 60 and 02, and 1 skein of 69.  A limited number of kits are available from Handknit Yarn Studio HERE, or purchase enough skeins HERE.

This project is geared to the beginner/novice weaver who is comfortable warping and weaving in multiple colours but would like to follow a pattern and learn more about creating their own unique textile designs on the loom. This PDF download is 4 pages long and includes colour images outlining the process as well as the instructions/treadling drafts.

Materials for the Spring Crocus Scarf are available from Handknit Yarn Studio. If you like this handwoven scarf weaving pattern, you might like to try the two free scarf patterns you can find on Handknit’s website in the free pattern section.

Please note that you are not purchasing a finished item but a pattern to design and make your own!